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We are proud to highlight some challenging structures and steel projects. Get to know some cases and discover our craftsmanship for yourself.

Burger King

Portus Construction Services

Our craftsmen designed the steel foundations for a number of roadside restaurants of fast-food chain Burger King. A crucial task to achieve a beautiful end result.

Hay rack


Our custom-made hay rack in galvanised steel, complete with an integrated feeding trough and roof closure. In this little project, all the customer's wishes were fulfilled!

Corten steel fire bowl - Beer glass

Metaleuven NV

The idea played on making a fire basket in the shape of a beer glass. Apart from making a pleasant fire, this fire basket is a real eye-catcher as an ornament in the garden. You can order this fire basket directly from us.

Pedestal for natural stone

Andre Celis Natural Stone

We designed our custom-made steel trestles for transporting and storing natural stone together with the customer through 3D design. The construction was made and tested by our experienced employees in our own workshop.

Our trestles are robust, durable and provided with a protective metallisation layer and powder coating.

Engin akyurt ec1d Sume Us M unsplash

Our products

Metaleuven Iron Warehouse stocks a wide range of metal products.

Structural, concrete and stainless steel. Gas, aluminium and other building materials. You name it, our warehouse has it.