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The Iron Warehouse is a distributor of BENOR-certified rebar.

Straight rebar is available in 6m and 14m. Concrete stirrups and baskets are cut to size. You can also buy spacers, wicker wire and bilge plates from us.

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Our mesh products

Construction steel nets

We distribute BENOR-certified concrete nets. A large range is always in stock and quickly available.

Concrete rods

The concrete bars are round, serrated and qualified with a BENOR quality certificate. Available in 6 or 14 metres.

Brackets / concrete baskets

We have various machines for manufacturing rebar and baskets.


Spacers are in stock. You can choose from a zigzag structure or with triangles. Both types are available at 2m.

Binding and braiding wire

Binding wire and braiding wire are 2 different types of industrial steel wire. Both types are available in different thicknesses and lengths.

Kim plates

Kim plates or water barrier plates are galvanised plates placed at the junction of the floor slab with the basement wall.

In the spotlight

Burger King

Portus Construction Services

Our craftsmen designed the steel foundations for a number of roadside restaurants of fast-food chain Burger King. A crucial task to achieve a beautiful end result.


In need for some craftmanship?

Looking for expertise and craftsmanship in your remodelling plans, then you have come to the right place. We will gladly supply your (re)construction plans with the necessary construction materials. For customised projects, you can rely on the craftsmanship of our team of welders and operators.

Ask your question via the contact form and our staff will give you an answer as soon as possible.