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Butane gas, like propane, is suitable for cooking and heating. However, keep in mind that butane liquefies at a temperature of -0.5°C. Depending on your use, you can buy different models of gas cylinders from the Antargaz.

Butane gas from Antargaz

When you buy a bottle from Antargaz, you will be asked for a deposit. If your bottle is empty, you can exchange it and only pay for the filling. When you return the bottle, you will be refunded the deposit on presentation of your deposit card (keep it safe!).

Consult the stock table for our available gas cylinders.

You can easily reach our colleagues at the front desk via the contact form.

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Artur Silva

Calculate carrying capacity

In these tables you will find what the maximum allowable and uniformly distributed load capacity of the beam (S235) is expressed in kilograms.

These values apply to a beam that has been applied freely on both sides with the deadweight taken into account.

No rights can be derived from these tables!

Our services

Our range of services includes supplying customers with steel products, as well as processing our material to your desired project. Our trucks also have a crane that allows us to deliver to all locations.

  • Thinking & consulting
  • Made-to-measure machining
  • Delivery on site

In the spotlight

Hay rack


Our custom-made hay rack in galvanised steel, complete with an integrated feeding trough and roof closure. In this little project, all the customer's wishes were fulfilled!